Lifting service in Quang Ninh by forklift

Lifting service in Quang Ninh by forklift

Thanh Nguyen JSC is the first choice when you want to use the Lifting Services in Quang Ninh by forklift. With modern lifting equipment, we are always ready to serve the needs of you.

Applications of Lifting Services in Quang Ninh you should know

Lifting service in Quang Ninh by forklift
Lifting service in Quang Ninh by forklift

With this service, we can meet your needs for services, such as:

– Transportation, lifting industrial machinery in the factory
– Lifting heavy equipment to hundreds of tons in Quang Ninh
– Moving machinery and equipment with specialized equipment such as forklifts in Quang Ninh, in combination with other equipment such as self-propelled crane, crane

The Lifting Service Process in Quang Ninh

Step 1: Survey the construction site in Quang Ninh
– Receive specific requests of customers
– Topographic survey, site loading and unloading of goods
– Statistics specific work at the request of customers
Step 2: Make a safe and cost-saving construction plan
– Planning, loading and unloading plan
– Calculate the equipment, human resources, tools needed
– Establish the optimal time, cost, safety and effectiveness
Step 3: Carrying, loading and unloading goods according to the contract signed between the parties
– Operate machines, arrange employees according to the plan
– Ensure absolute safety for workers with full protective equipment
– To comply strictly with the requirements of technical equipment, processes of loading, unloading, lifting goods
Step 4: Acceptance
Step 5: Pay

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